Unlocking the full potential
of Earth Observation in Europe

We are happy to invite you to EXPANDEO & FIRE FORUM 2022 on the 14th-15th of June 2022, in Brussels and online.

EXPANDEO & the FIRE Forum 2022 is the event where participants get the chance to learn about market opportunities in various sectors while growing their business through networking and other interactive sessions. This long-awaited joint event will bring together key representatives from user communities, Earth Observation service providers and institutional actors to discuss the “Now and Tomorrow” of Earth Observation in Europe. A series of powerful presentations and lively discussions will seek to illuminate pathways for the sector’s growth. There will also be dedicated sessions on the Green Deal, climate change and community of users and the pilots developed under this framework to support the EuroGEO vision.


A great opportunity to discuss the “Now” of Earth Observation in Europe and contribute to the “Tomorrow”!

Discover the hottest R&D trends that will drive the development of new EO solutions, learn from policy experts about current key EU Policy domains and how EO can be a key enabling tool, better understand from the EO Evangelists about the needs of different sectors, explore the evolution of the underlying infrastructure, the optimal uptake of EO and modern ways to raise awareness on key topics with the help of EO, exchange with your colleagues, connect with old friends, find new partners and build strong relationships.

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Establish and grow business relationships by interacting with potential partners and stakeholders.
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Get fresh ideas and solutions for your business and learn about the current trends from powerful sector leads.


Different industries will be represented at EXPANDEO & fire forum 2022

We will discuss how various agriculture services use the EO data to optimize resource-efficient production.


We will see together how the EO data can increase efficiency in planning and monitoring of infrastructure.


EO can provide precise data for water quality monitoring, detection of illegal activities and energy applications.

Raw materials

We will discuss how the EO data can be used to monitor and optimize the raw materials sector.

Wind Energy

We will discuss how the EO data can contribute to increasing the environmental impact.

Urban development

We will discuss how exactly the EO data can facilitate to creation of more sustainable cities.