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Maximising the impact of EO activities as a carburant for growth and innovation is at the core of the EuroGEO initiative, ESA and EU-funded projects. In particular, the H2020 e-shape project aims to promote and upscale EO solutions which exploit the added value of EO technologies and Services. The e-shape workshop will present the coordinated approach to support research communities, private companies and providers who demonstrate and bring their EO-based solutions to the service of policy makers, civil society, and private users. The workshop will introduce EO-based applications across e-shape’s 7 thematic showcases and highlight solutions which not only support user’s needs and raise awareness capabality at the EU level, but which can also be integrated into the user's daily workflows. The workshop will give you the opportunity to: ● Engage with research, end users and civil society members interested in understanding and participating in the EuroGEO initiative ● Discover EO-based applications developed throughout the e-shape project across 7 thematic showcases: Agriculture, Health, Energy, Ecosystem, Water resources, Disaster Resilience, Climate ● Get inspired from solutions that support users’ needs and raise EO awareness capability at EU level ● Learn how to integrate EO-based applications into your daily workflows.

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