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International Financial Organizations (IFI), such as the World Bank Group (WBG) and Regional Development Banks like the Asian Development Bank (ADB), have the institutional mandate to provide and catalyze investments fostering sustainable development and are providing financial means accompanied by technical assistance to help countries achieve their national development priorities. Earth Observation is increasingly being recognized as a viable source of information in IFI operations, ranging from planning and design of projects to implementation and monitoring & evaluation of development assistance. ESA has partnered for more than a decade with IFIs to demonstrate value and potential impact of EO services and provide a basis for take-up and scale-up. IFIs are now stepping up their efforts on mainstreaming EO services to an operational level. This session event will discuss with actors from selected IFIs on “how EO services provided by the European value-adding service sector can inform their operations and what it takes to foster absorption and local integration at the client country level”. More specifically, the event will also discuss how the strategic ESA partnership and the Space for International Development Assistance initiative are supporting those objectives. Agenda Speakers ● Christoph Aubrecht (European Space Agency - Program Coordinator, Global Development Assistance ● Edward Anderson (World Bank, Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist) ● Thomas Abell (Asian Development Bank, Chief of Digital Technology for Development) ● Robson Mutandi (International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Director, Southern Africa Hub) ● Representative from AfDB (TBC)

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