Space Climate Observatory


The Space Climate Observatory (SCO) is a network of countries dedicated to tackle climate change through operational cooperation. SCO members support the emergence, the design and the development of projects that exploit Earth Observation data and in-situ socioeconomic data to help local populations and decision-makers to prevent the effects of climate change and to adapt to their changing surroundings. SCO is an answer to the discrepancy between the amount of available satellite data and scientific resources on the one hand, and the lack of concrete applications to fully exploit them and provide information and tools to the general public. A bridge is also created between different countries, since SCO supports and encourages the interoperability of projects. The organisation is currently being formalised around an international Charter that will be signed during COP 26, marking a new step for its development after the accreditation of three international projects and more than thirty French projects since its creation in 2019.


SCO Presentation
January 2021 One Planet Summit