Planet Earth is like a puzzle. Beautifully complicated. Interconnected. And just like you need to understand how the puzzle works to solve it, we need to know how the Earth system works to respond to all the challenges our planet faces. Atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere - all these parts of Earth interact together. ENVRI is a community of European environmental research infrastructures working together to observe the Earth as one system. We collaborate so we can provide environmental data, access to facilities, computational and other support services that are Open and FAIR, and can be easily used by anyone for free. Our data services will soon be accessible through the ENVRI-hub - a central gateway to services offered by the European environmental research infrastructures. The ENVRI-hub will be an integral part of the European Open Science Cloud. Links : About us Our services ENVRI-hub Subscribe


ENVRI research infrastructures - Studying the environment today to tackle the challenges of tomorrow


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