Spacety is a leading provider of satellite-based services with 21 satellites launched and operated and more on the launchpad. It provides fast, frequent, flexible, and low-cost space missions with its advanced and reliable small satellite fleet. These space missions support science experiments or observation, and in-orbit demonstrations and/or validations of space technologies, products and space systems. Those quick turnarounds and end-to-end services have enabled world class space research and helped innovative space technologies to gain space heritage. Spacety is also building and deploying a microwave-based (Synthetic Aperture Radar) satellite Earth Observation constellation to provide the world with global coverage and real-time imagery data as a service (DaaS). This C and X-band SAR constellation will monitor and observe the Earth day and night, rain or shine, and make SAR imagery of every point on Earth accessible and affordable to users. The SAR data will enable innovative solutions to manage our changing world and make it better. Finally, Spacety provides a secured data platform that integrates space & Earth data to enable innovative applications and solutions. General inquiries : info@spacety.eu

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