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The rasdaman data cube technology with its principle of Actionable Datacubes® is a global technology leader, official reference implementation and template for the coverage standards in ISO and OGC. Currently, rasdaman is the only tool that fully supports the INSPIRE WCS standard. The enormous flexibility and scalability enable user-friendly, fast and standards-based services. Spatio-temporal analyses are possible without complex programming. Due to its federation capability, rasdaman is the foundation of the largest open data cube federation EarthServer, a federation of international data providers such as DIASen, CODE-DE and others. In research, rasdaman is currently being extended with AI functionality, for example to improve rainfall forecasts. In the company presentation, live demos will show the many uses of rasdaman in research, government and industry. Participants with internet access can follow and modify the examples themselves. Meet the Datacube experts live at Expandeo!


The EarthServer Datacube Federation
Big Earth Data - TV documentary by ZDF/arte and Jacobs University, supported by European Commission under FP7 grant EarthServer. Publication with permission, broadcast February 2015.


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