Mayday.ai is a next-generation disaster management service powered by EO data and AI. It provides actionable insights in real and near real-time, allowing proactivity and ultra-fast reactions – if required, with the involvement of Mayday.ai staff. The service offer is composed of two main components: • Mayday.ai - a software platform for real and near real-time information services, where insights are provided in a centralised view, as well as in a standardised and multilingual format. Mayday.ai comes as a: 1) basic product for civil protection, 2) industry-specific modules (e.g. risk and claim products for the insurance industry) and 3) a mobile app for citizens; • Mayday 24/7 - an operational centre with personnel, allowing organisations to outsource disaster management tasks. Mayday.ai offers the only solution on the market aiming at covering all disaster types and phases of disaster management from mitigation, preparedness, response to recovery. Mayday.ai is a partner of key industry actors, like the ESA (Incubed scheme), users like the UN, the European Commission or the Munich Climate Insurance Initiative, as well as Esri on the distribution side.