Space4Good & Space4Fauna


SPACE4GOOD Environmental Crimes Earth Observation Intelligence. Space4Good is our name and driving force: leveraging space technology to support impactful, inspirational projects and change-makers around the world. While our tools are in space, we take pride in contributing to global change on Earth. For us, the interplay between talent, motivation, partnerships, open innovation and technology is the key to success. It has the potential to disrupt established systems and replace them with systemic, sustainable solutions. SPACE4FAUNA SPACE4FAUNA is a consortium of 2 companies, Fauna Smart Technologies from Copenhagen, Denmark, and Space4Good from Den Haag, the Netherlands. In the Space4Fauna consortium, Fauna Smart Technologies is the “know-how” company responsible for business and customer development, and Space4Good is the earth observation and predictive modeling technology provider. As such, our Space4Fauna application will be part of a wider service offering provided by Fauna Smart Technologies which is supporting horticulture farmers through data-driven services. Accordingly, Fauna Smart Technologies is a customer-facing organization and will be responsible for the commercialization of the application. Our aim is to deliver farmer-friendly service towards greener and more efficient farming practices.


#15PARSEC at EXPANDEO: Space4Fauna