May 27, 2019

Local & Regional Authorities Workshop

[Earsc members only] Given that local and regional authorities have specific needs and requirements regarding EO based services concerning for instance the compliance with EU Directives or the slow uptake of space solutions, EARSC – on the initiative of Marc Tondriaux – has decided to start a new local authorities working group. This new Working Group will inquire how EO companies can cooperate and deliver better services addressing the needs of local authorities. After an initial inquiry of appropriate services and tools of interest that could be advertised to local authorities through e.g. eoMALL, services may be provided to local authorities via the EUGENIUS guidelines if participating members agree. The objective of the WG will be to create cooperative front-end/back-end partnerships between EO companies to reach more effectively otherwise distant local and regional institutions. Should you be interested to be part of this WG and/or have solutions to propose to be considered by this WG, please join us!